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Greetings from Our President

Ever since our founding in 1983, we have worked constantly to improve our character and develop our skills, and have contributed to society through the many products that we have developed for microwave use. In recent years, electronics technology has developed at an amazing pace, as typified by rapid advances in the speed of digital technology, mainly in computers and communications, and the volume of information handled. Microwave analog technology supports these technologies, and Orient Microwave Corp.'s microwave technology supports this analog technology. Our microwave technology is gaining greater attention these days as the use of microwaves will evolve towards higher frequencies. Against this background, we shall further devote ourselves entirely to the R&D of microwave products, and hope to provide everybody with trustworthy and satisfactory products. I hope that we may enjoy your warm support in our future business endeavors together.

President Yoshiyasu Kato

Company Policy

・We shall make efforts to improve our character and develop our skills, and supply innovative products to aid the development of society and culture.
・We shall advance forward to ensure reliability and expand our business in keeping with our company's founding spirit.
・We shall create a better society through our own energies, pursue everlasting prosperity, and gain true happiness.


・Design, development and manufacture of coaxial connectors and related devices
・Design, development and manufacture of microwave components and related devices
・Design, development and manufacture of cable assemblies and related devices
・Design, development and manufacture of ferrite components for microwave use and related devices

In November 2002, we received ISO 9001:2000 certification for the following products and processes. Since then, we have been working towards further improving product quality in these areas.