Orient Microwave Corp takes care of a variety of micro wave products and a coaxial connector and the conversion adaptor component Cablassembri isolator circulators, etc.

coaxial connectors and adapters
device type product description and characteristics
connector SMA, SSMA, N, TNC, BNC, BMA, SBMA, OMP etc.
general high-frequency coaxial connectors
connectors for cables, panel boards and strip lines.
design and manufacture of connectors for special environments, such as airtight and heat-resistant models.
design and manufacture of non-standard connectors in particular shapes.
design and manufacture of one-touch connectors that are easy to detach.
design and manufacture of high-power connectors using the insulating, heat-resistant materia.
adapter all types of adapters for use between the above connectors - either the same or different types. lineup includes panel-mount models, airtight models and high-performance 7mm models.
design and manufacture of specially-ordered adapters.
cable assembly cable assembly for the above connectors assembly of semi-rigid, flexible and semi-flexible cables.
orders accepted for pre-bent semi-rigid cables.
manufacture of cables with phase adjustment.
data of electrical characteristics available if required.
cable can be arranged too. (mil and jis cables can be acquired)
microwave component
device type product description and characteristics
microwave component directional coupler can deal with coupling from 3dB to 20 dB as required. works mainly in one octave band.
power dividers/combiners deals with unequal and odd-numbered distribution. high-power. standard is 2 [power] n distribution
termination SMA(P,J) SSMA(P,J) etc
attenuator all degrees of damping available at both ends (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 15, 20dB).
phase shifter/
phase trimmer
type with coaxial section of adjustable length. cable-inclusive version available.
rotary joint coaxial contact version, high-performance non-contact version to deal with im.
filter filter types including com line, inter-digital, tubular, wave-guide, edge-coupled and concentrated constant.
coaxial and wave-guide transducers all types of wave-guide and interconnect transducers.
antenna di-pole, mono-pole, patch antenna etc.
switch PIN diode switch, mechanical switch. total reflection and absorption types possible too.
semiconductor phase shifter phase shifter using a PIN diode. optional bit setup available.
mechanical phase shifter trombone-shaped phase shifter with continuous variation.
amplifier line amplifier, low-noise amplifier, power amplifier etc.
limitter remitter using a PIN diode.
lightning arrester BPF-type. discharge tube type.
circulator coaxial,wave-guide,drop-in
isolator coaxial,wave-guide,drop-in
all items can work with specially-ordered products.
jigs and tools measuring jigs SMA one-touch connector. attach to port of measuring instrument.
cable stripper simple cable stripper used when assembling semi-rigid cable.

* we take special orders for products to meet your demands. please inquire.