Orient Microwave Corp takes care of a variety of micro wave products and a coaxial connector and the conversion adaptor component Cablassembri isolator circulators, etc.

electrical measuring instruments
vector network analyzer hp8510 and seven other models (300 kHz - 40 GHz)
scalar network analyzer hp8757 and three other models
spectrum analyzer hp8563 and one other model (30Hz - 26.5 GHz)
power meter hp436a and one other model (50MHz - 26.5GHz)
other basic measuring instruments other basic measuring instruments - digital voltmeters, lcr meters, insulation resistance meters,, oscilloscopes, frequency counters etc.
environmental experiment devices
helium leak detector minimum detection level 1 × 10-10torr-liters/SEC
constant-temperature oven (four types) -85℃ - 1,100℃
constant-temperature constant-humidity oven -20℃ - 100℃, 25%rh - 98%rh

* vibration test , shock test and salt-spray test are carried out using public industrial testing facility.

special rooms
clean room class 10,000
radio wave darkroom qz: -35dB/1GHz - over 50dB/3GHz