Orient Microwave Corp takes care of a variety of micro wave products and a coaxial connector and the conversion adaptor component Cablassembri isolator circulators, etc.

From small lots through to mass-produced products, we can meet short deadlines through process control strictly in line with production plans. High-grade production technology and extensive manufacturing facilities are effectively used to ensure that product supply is stable at all times.

We have created a unique system of manufacturing that integrates processes from the mixing of ferrite materials-the most important element of microwave products-and, in some cases, dielectric materials through to sintering and fabrication so that the requirements of short-time deliveries and small-lot production can be met.
In soldering and other special processes, we have set up a system of worker authentication in an effort to ensure optimum quality in product assembly. And at assembly and performance verification sites, we have designed proprietary jigs for special applications, and are applying high-grade manufacturing technology to ensure the stable manufacture of products.
We have installed state-of-the-art clean rooms and clean benches to ensure that work can be conducted in special low-contaminant environments. To verify microwave performance, we have installed numerous measuring systems such as network analyzers. And to verify that devices can withstand use under special environments, temperature cycle testers, thermo-hydrostatic chambers, and various other evaluation testers have been installed.
We have built an on-line network using proprietary software, and this network is being applied to in-house production control from order acceptance through to the management of parts, production and shipping.