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About us



Since our founding in 1983, we have always aimed to improve our personality, worked hard to improve our technology, developed a large number of microwave products, and contributed to society.

The recent development of electronic technology is remarkable, and the speed and capacity of digital technology centered on computers and communications are accelerating.

High-frequency analog technology underpins these technologies, and our microwave technology underpins them. The use of microwaves will continue to advance to higher frequencies, and microwave technology will attract more and more attention.

Against this background, we will continue to devote ourselves to the research and development of microwave products, and we will continue to provide original products that will satisfy everyone's trust. We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

PresidentKazushige Kato

Company history

Feb 12, 1983
Omni Spectra Japan Ltd., establishes with joint capital of 26 million yen with M/A-Com / Omni Spectra Inc. of the United States.
Feb 16, 1985
Omni Spectra Japan Ltd. Upgraded to Omni Spectra Japan Co., Ltd. with capital of 26 million yen.
Dec 25, 1987
Entire equity stock of Omni Spectra Japan Co., Ltd. Held by M/A-Com /Omni Spectra Inc. transferred to Japan side.Company renamed Orient Micriwave Corporation accompanying this equity stock tranfer.
Jan 21, 1988
Tokyo Sales Office opened.
Oct 15, 1993
The system is approved by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. for a special soldering process.
Oct 1, 1994
Tokyo Sales Office Machida Branch Office opened accompanying business expansion.
May 22, 1995
Yokohama Sales Office opened accompanying business expansion, and Machida branch office closed.
Apr 31, 1996
Tokyo Sales Office closed accompanying bussiness improvements and reorganization. Operatins regrouped at Yokohama Sales Office.
Aug 12, 1997
Capital increased to 46 million yen accomanying business expansion.
Nov 24, 1998
With the completion of the new office building, the head office was moved from Omihachiman City to Koto Town, Echi District, Shiga Prefecture.
Apr 1, 2002
Started production after receiving the full transfer of the ferrite business from Toshiba Corporation.
Jan 12, 2002
ISO9001 certification acquired.
Oct 1, 2005
Hachioji Sales Office opened accompanying business expansion.
Feb 1, 2008
A new office building was expanded due to business expansion. Partially relocated.
Apr 1, 2011
With the expansion of business, we opened the Osaka sales office.
Oct 1, 2011
Yokohama sales office and Hachioji sales office were integrated and Kanto Sales Office was opened accompanying business expansion.
Apr 23, 2014
ISO14001 certification acquired.
Aug 1, 2014
Started production after receiving the full transfer of the ferrite business from FDK Corporation.


For microwave connectors, components and circulators,
leave it to Orient Microwave.