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Company Information

Product application field

Microwave component technology opens up a new future.

Microwave technology supports various leading-edge industries today.

Our products range from small-lot through to mass-produces devices and from standard through to customized items.

It is widely used in modern advanced electric devices such as space/aviation , radar , wireless communication ,

mobile communication, and measuring instruments that meet the needs of our customers.

  • 宇宙開発のイメージ

    SKY WAVESSpace development

    Microwave technology supports space development.

  • 開発のイメージ

    OCEAN WAVESDevelopment

    Microwave technology is also playing an active role in communication on ships and communication lines for fishfinders.

  • 無線通信・電波応用機器のイメージ

    EARTH WAVESWireless communications / Microwave applications

    Devices such as satellite communication, terrestrial communication, mobile communication, radar, control, tracking, meteorology,

    and astronomical equipment are truly the only place for microwave equipment.

Our Main Microwave Products

Various coaxial connectors, multi-contact connectors, adapters, cable assemblies, terminations, couplers, power dividers, attenuators, waveguide to coaxial adaptors, filters, antennas, lightning arresters, switches, phase shifters, limiters, amplifiers, oscillators, isolators, Circulator.

Manufacture of systems and devices that integrate the above microwave products.

Software and computer systems that control composite products.


For microwave connectors, components and circulators,
leave it to Orient Microwave.